ACORN Modular Platform


The ACORN Modular Platform  utilises a component-based architecture to enable the  development at speed and at scale of age friendly market solutions that enhance the functional independence and continued safety, well-being, and health of an ageing population.
The ACORN Modular Platform  is a component architecture designed to facilitate the rapid development of Age-friendly solutions. The Framework enables scaling solutions which support multiple device type deployment environments. It is medical HIPAA and GDPR security standard compliant. The ACORN Framework uses the AWS CloudFormation scripts to ensure strategies, such as:
  • Decoupling protected data from processing/orchestration
  • Tracking where data flows using automation
  • Have logical boundaries between protected and general workflows
Communications Module
Provides secure encrypted Voice and Video Call capability  (app / Tablet or web communication)
Provides secure encrypted platform for client messaging and simple age friendly email service. This reduces the dependency of 3rd party video solutions or alternate interfaces providing communications under one common framework.
Device Management Module
A closed Private network device and user management capability ensures full control of the user experience. The ability to enable / disable service access, remotely update or monitor usage puts the enterprise in full control of its growing customer base.
Remote Monitoring Module
Interface to any open Bluetooth devices for remote monitoring ensures access to many IOT devices and seamless integration within the ACORN Framework.
Analytics & Reports Module
Defined Analytics capability and reports based on usage. Provides administrators the ability to determine exact usage patterns
Localised App Store Module
Designed and developed to provide an ability to house multiple downloadable applications for clients. Enables enterprises to roll out dedicated tablet with very specific application utilisation.
Notifications Module
Push notifications and messaging directly to associated applications or devices. Providing