Total Transitional Care Solutions

The Irreversible Telehealth Need
  • There is increasing demand for telehealth solutions
  • Primary care consultations now being completed via video call
  • Its widely accepted younger demographic will adopt telehealth
The Telehealth Reality for Older Population
  • Many older customers are unlikely to adopt telehealth easily given existing challenges with technology and more rigid expectations of clinician patient engagement.

ACORN PCS Features

Layer 4 health

  • Dedicated Patient Centric Platform
  • Remote Device Management
  • Help Information / Videos
  • Bluetooth Enabled Vitals monitoring
  • Device Tracking and Management
  • 4G enabled
  • Video Calls
  • Clinical Observations
  • Symptoms Management
  • Encrypted Communication
select patient
  • Multi Disciplinary teams collaboration
  • Dedicated Tablet based dashboard
  • Reablement Care Pathways
  • Transition of Care Pathways
  • Patient Monitoring and Administration
  • Threshold Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Swab Log
  • 4G enabled Dedicated
  • Platform
  • Video Calls / Messaging
Improving our Communities
Health monitoring is a needed solution for a  rapidly changing Age demographic. The doubling of older population by 2040 is creating demand for innovative health management solutions.
Built on the Acorn platform, Patient Care Solutions (ACORN PCS) is a transition of care and remote monitoring solution suite which enables clinicians and patients to stay closely connected during the transition to ambulatory care for convalescing patients and extended periods of health monitoring.


Age-Friendly Patient-Centric Design, dedicated patient wellness data capture, survey, help videos and communications telehealth device.


  • Dedicated carer wellness data capture and communications device
  • Creation of multi level clinical notes
  • Log of visits and notable outcomes.
  • Creation of Patient Surveys and Feedback.
  • Secure direct communication with patient via message, email video call.


  • Dashboard review of Patients under care.
  • Prioirtisation, intervention alarms.
  • Detailed review of patient wellness.
  • Data and survey responses
  • Progress Charts with key data always visible.
  • Creation of paper excel or PDF reports.
  • Carer Roster Management
  • EHR integration capability.

  • Proven Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Empowered
  • Reduce hospital visits
  • Convenience
  • Cost reduction
Health System
  • It reduces re-admissions and prevents unnecessary hospitalizations and ED visits.
  • Healthcare Efficiency: Better hospital bed utilisation. Improved waiting list management
  • Scalable efficient utilisation of key clinical staff.
  • Increased reliability and adherence to reporting practice.
  • No physical infrastructure overheads


ACORN Ecosystem

Provide dedicated devices to securely gather and store data Send messages to and from patient Carer rostering Support for remote doctor / carer visits via remote visit scheduling and secure video sessions with patients Support enhanced patient engagement.

ACORN Ecosystem