ACORN Social

The ACORN Mission

The ACORN team are dedicated to developing solutions which promote social inclusion, health, wellbeing and encourage digital citizenship for all ages.

  • Bespoke Age Friendly Platform Developed in Ireland 2016 – 2018
  • Age-Friendly Design
  • Remote Device Management.
  • Simplified Communication
  • Makes it easy for older people to access a greater number of online services
  • Successful national trials (Sep 2018 / 2019)
  • Launched in Oct 2019
  • Trial Review Participants and Stakeholders
  • User Feedback
  • Work with Louth Local Authority
  • Work with Fingal Local Authority

The ACORN is a smart tablet based solution, purpose-built to solve the challenge of online adoption and to improve the quality of life for the user. It solves the adoption challenge through intuitive age friendly design, providing content that is immediately relevant to the user in a closed secure network. ACORN differentiates itself from generic tablets by servicing the users core needs through 3 interaction elements. Inform, Interact and Involve.

By informing we expose the world of possibility that is most relevant to the user. By interacting we encourage communication both social and commercial and by Involving we enable our users to continue to contribute to society.Our advantage over other tablet solutions is in its ability to act as a day-to-day specialised tablet tailored exclusively to the needs of the seniors and we create a powerful commercial platform for industry to serve this important market.From studies the common needs for older people are security, communication, sustained independence (transport, support and interests), finance and health. The ACORN team set about designing a product that will provide solutions to address these key concerns as illustrated below: