Video Calling
Messaging / Group Messaging
Location Tracking
Logs and Check Ins
Remote App Installations / Control

Through our own dedicated and secure network you can make Companion to Acorn calls or even Companion to Companion calls! They can also switch to video calling seamlessly with just the press of a button.

The Companion also has it’s own dedicated messaging system which again allows for Companion to Acorn, Companion to Companion messaging. You can also send photos on messages too!

From our Acorn hub you can check the Acorn’s last known location, last time active and the Acorn’s battery level so you can ensure that your loved one or friend always keeps their Acorn charged and will know where they last had the Acorn!

You can also send event reminders to the Acorn directly from the Companion App to give an extra reminder to the Acorn user of what they have coming up!

You can add logs via the Companion App to keep track of everything and that can be accessed by all Full Companions connected to the Acorn.

With the Companion App Full, instead of just recommending an app for your loved one to install you can go straight ahead and download it onto the Acorn for them!

Acorn Companion App requires a valid email address for you to be able to register. For Companion App Full users, you will need the Acorn’s Security ID to add user, this can be found on the top right of the details section in Settings on the Acorn.