ACORN Modular Platform

Accelerated Build

Don’t waste time building it all from scratch.

Our team of application development experts have spent thousands of hours writing reusable components – you can leverage all of it with our ACORN Modular Platform.

Flexible Deployments

Architectures built to suit every digital situation

Smart tablets, Apps, or web systems. Age friendly design and integration. Customise for scalable deployments. 

User Driven Design

Age Friendly Design for today.

Based on 20+ man years of age friendly design and consultation. Applying design thinking to user experience. Making adoption better.


Augmenting service delivery for our customers.

Our platform takes the hassle out of delivery. ACORN Modular Platform has all the tools you need, comprehensive documentation and full support from our team.

Key Benefits

Speed to Market
Accelerated digital implementation strategies reduces development efforts from months to weeks.
Reduced Cost
With Application SDK, documentation, enabling rapid developer on-boarding., benefit from up to 50% efficiency gains over traditional development methodologies.
Reduced Risk
ACORN Modular Platform is a proven component-based UI / microservices architecture framework, which has been proven with multiple clients.
Fully Supported
Get support from Cliffrun that helps your business, and focus on what you do best.