Acorn Covid-19 Patient Care System

Our Covid-19 Response


  • Covid-19 Coronavirus is a prevalent and growing global health crisis.
  • There is a growing expectation that the virus could overwhelm existing healthcare systems unless credible alternate patient management solutions are put in place.
  • A solution which supports remote management of quarantined patients with a positive diagnosis for Covid-19 is needed.
  • Such a solution will enable health providers to support priority patients in an acute care setting and manage lower priority cases on a remote basis, reducing the pressure on hospital infrastructures.
  • The Acorn Patient Care System has been developed as an immediate response to address this need.

Technology Adaptation

  • Providing Covid-19 allows patients the ability to self-manage their recovery at home via a symptom and clinical observations application and also request support from clinical teams managing them remotely.
  • A remote care tool for quarantined (non covid-19 ) elderly and high risk vulnerable individuals. The current crisis is forcing older and more vulnerable patients to remain quarantined. The solution enables vulnerable people engage with their clinician and manage vitals via an age-friendly interface. (based on our ACORN product see below)
  • The clinician application can be configured as a mobile ward management application which can assess patients dynamically monitoring symptoms, observations and progress on a regular basis. They can manage escalations and for patients who are at home support through video conferencing thus reducing pressure on acute care facilities. 
  • ACPCS can be used without modification to provide ward management tool for clinicians working in off-campus temporary hospitals without the support of hospital IT systems.
    • Tracks Covid-19 symptoms.
    • Bluetooth key Vitals integration.
    • Secure Video and Texting capability.
    • Swab Test Log
    • Provide Symptom Threshold Management
    • Integrate 4G always online device.
    • Device Tracking, Remote Management and Content update capability.
    • Onboard Videos on treatment / Access to WHO / HSE data points.
ACORN Covid-19 Provides a mechanism for clinicians to monitor quarantined  patients remotely.
Provides patients with ability to manage their recovery at home in collaboration with clinical teams.
Provides clinicians with the ability to manage a virtual ward of patients enabling beds to remain available for high priority patients.