Healthcare and Wellbeing Solutions

Healthcare and Wellbeing Solutions

CliffRun Health, was founded to develop and promote social inclusion, health, wellbeing and encourage digital citizenship.

We develop solutions for all. Our research and design teams have extensive experience working the 7 core principles of universal design into our solutions.

Principle 1: Equitable Use
Principle 2: Flexibility in Use
Principle 3: Simple and Intuitive Use
Principle 4: Perceptible Information
Principle 5: Tolerance for Error
Principle 6: Low Physical Effort
Principle 7: Size and Space


The transition from care provider to home can be a time of confusion and frustration for patients and their providers. However, with Cliffrun Health’s Care Transitions Solution : Patient Interim Care “PICS”, it’s easy to determine individual patient needs, provide integrated care while the patient transitions to their home. Maintaining a close relationship between Clinician and Patient during that important period.


CliffRun assists organisations in creating solutions which :
  • Simplifies the capture of data for medical and care teams.
  • Increase reliability and adherence to reporting practice.
  • Provides medical data immediately upon entry to the senior geriatric support team.
  • Utilisation of secure cloud based data capture and facilitates GDPR/HL7 compliance.
  • Takes care of configuring, securing and maintaining mobile devices for clinical use
  • Remote device management capabilities to wipe a stolen or misplaced device, so that sensitive patient data remains safe at all times.
  • Total Transition of Care Solutions

    Providing Senior Geriatric Clinicians, Registrars and Nursing Staff, Carers, Technology and Program Management

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